Thursday, January 21, 2010


George Lucas's BLOCKBUSTING is now available in ebook editions with updated information! For those of you who have purchased or assigned the print edition to your students, you'll find corrections and updates here.

No matter which edition your students are reading make certain to visit this page on a regular basis for updates on the current state of the movie industry. After all, movies are released every week so there is always new data to assess. And, don't forget to visit Lucy Autrey Wilson's blog--where you'll find new statistics and insights into the world of film.

By meticulously compiling the details of how movies have been made and financed since the medium′s inception, chronicling their performances at the box office, and offering expert commentary about the most important trends of the last one hundred years, George Lucas's BLOCKBUSTING gives film students a singularly unique perspective on the film-making industry and a superlative blueprint for future successful filmmaking ventures.

Taking us decade by decade, this book focuses on the revenues, costs, production and distribution of 300 of the most critically and financially successful movies of all time from the business′s origins through 2005. Its numerous essays examine trends in war, noir, bio-drama, biblical, epic, musical, western, disaster, crime, and action adventure films, as well as the advent the summer movie, auteur filmmaking, and the revolutionary advances that have been made in film technology over time. Furthermore, its full complement of charts, graphs and diagrams presenting such things as salary histories, awards and honors, the number of principal photography days required, advertising expenditures, domestic versus overseas profits and more, also include conversions of past movie-making dollars into current dollar values for easy and relevant comparisons.

The ideal resource for film students and professionals, this book evidences that blockbusters have not only been made on relatively low budgets before, but that they have been made time and time again through varying economic climates.

George Lucas's BLOCKBUSTING will change the way you teach your students about the film industry. If you'd like a desk copy, please use this form.

David Bianculli, a television critic and associate professor at Rowan University, interviewed George Lucas on NPR. You can listen to that interview here.

And, here's George Lucas on The Daily Show.

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