Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HarperAcademic at the 124th Annual American Historical Association Conference

Doreen and I recently attended the 124th Annual American Historical Association conference in San Diego where we got the opportunity to meet professors and graduate students interested in our books.

Historians are some of the most voracious readers and it was fun to talk to them about what they enjoyed reading both for work and pleasure. One especially enthusiastic grad student purchased 25 books from us, saying he planned on reading one a day for the next month.

Over the course of the four days we were at the conference, I also got a chance to meet some of our authors. Jill Watts, author of Hattie McDaniel, stopped by the booth a few times to say hello. I also met Edith Gelles and Catherine Clinton. Edith’s new book, Abigail and John was one of our most popular titles for sale during the conference. Catherine Clinton was sweet enough to drop off some healthy snacks (coconut water and fresh cherries) in between speaking and signing copies of her book, Mrs. Lincoln, which recently came out in paperback.

Some of our books that generated the most buzz included The Harvard Psychedelic Club (which was recently reviewed in the New York Times), The Lost History of Christianity, and Rebirth of a Nation. The runaway hit, however, was Going Dutch by British historian Lisa Jardine, the story of the relationship between England and the Netherlands, two of Europe’s most important colonial powers, at the dawn of the Modern Age.

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  1. I am attending Don Lattin's Book reading tonight at the Booksmith in the Haight- Ashbury..his book THE HARVARD PSYCHEDELIC CLUB ...delves into alot of the material I captured on tape (with eyewitnesses) while shooting in Boston.
    link to my documentary POWER & CONTROL: LSD IN THE 60'S.