Monday, October 12, 2009

Your Monday Galley Giveaway: PIRATE LATITUDES by Michael Crichton

“Crichton’s books are compulsive reading,” said the Los Angeles Times Book Review in a review for the author’s book, Prey. The author of Jurassic Park, State of Fear, and last year’s hugely popular sci-fi thriller Next, Michael Crichton was a known as a master storyteller.

This December, a little more than a year after his untimely death, Harper is publishing Pirate Latitudes, the first of two posthumous novels. Set in Jamaica in 1665, Pirate Latitudes is an adventure of swashbuckling pirates in the New World, a classic story of treasure and betrayal.

I have three galleys on hand for the first three people who email me with the correct answer to the following question: Michael Crichton was the creator of what long running TV show?

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