Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nancy Peacock on Writing, Cleaning, and Life

Nancy Peacock has a varied résumé: house cleaner, bartender, carpenter, locksmith, costumer, baker, waitress, assistant drum maker, and newspaper deliverer, etc. But throughout it all, she has always been a writer—the author of two highly regarded novels:

In 1996 my first book, Life Without Water, was published and chosen as a New York Times Notable Book. It was followed a few years later by Home Across the Road. In spite of this success I still had to keep my day job. I worked for years as a self-employed house cleaner.
In the honest and witty essays of A Broom of One's Own, Nancy explores the writing life—offering useful lessons on subjects such as inspiration, craft, and criticism as well as encouragement to all writers—regardless of what their current job titles might be.

Class discussions about this book will lead students to explore the working life of a writer, the publishing industry’s trend toward the "blockbuster novel," how to maintain a writing schedule, and how to keep your spirits up in the face of both failure and success. To facilitate these discussions, Nancy has provided a Teacher Study Guide.

Nancy continues to write—and she runs writing workshops in her studio in Chatham County, North Carolina.

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