Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Will THE INTERROGATIVE MOOD inspire your creative writing students?

Why did Padgett Powell--a novelist who was touted as the best of his generation by Saul Bellow and "among the top five writers of fiction in the country" by Barry Hannah--write The Interrogative Mood: A Novel? as a series of questions?

Are you happy? Are you given to wondering if others are happy? Do you know the distinctions, empirical or theoretical, between moss and lichen? Do you cut slack for the crime of passion as opposed to its premeditated cousin?

Why do I find myself trying to answer all of Padgett's questions? Why are there no easy answers?

Can you use The Interrogative Mood to inspire your students? Is it filled to the brim with writing prompts? Do you want to read the first chapter?

Would you like to watch this video of Padgett Powell reading from The Interrogative Mood?

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