Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Is Adolescence Prolonged In Today's Young Men? Welcome to the World of GUYLAND

In Guyland, Michael Kimmel, a respected author and professor of sociology at Stony Brook University, tackles the world of American “guys”—young men aged 16 to 26—bringing to light their attitudes, their relationships, their rules, and their rituals. From the ordinary—video games, sports, and music; to the extreme—violent fraternity initiations, sexual predation, and school shootings, Kimmel reveals the hidden, shifting world of becoming a man in today's America. He explores the larger culture of enormous peer pressure that every boy must navigate on his way to adulthood, territory that is both disturbing and foreign to most parents and adults.

Kimmel approaches this topic as a sociologist and as a journalist. He has spent 30 years talking with tens of thousands of late high school, college, and post-college men; run workshops at nearly 300 colleges and universities; conducted research at the nation’s military academies; worked with athletic teams; and interviewed boys at fraternity houses, bars, and in his classrooms. And what he has found is that Guyland is a country with rules, restrictions, and an outmoded and anachronistic adherence to traditional ideals of masculinity. Guys are left to negotiate this terrain on their own, and as a result there are high rates of anxiety and depression, and a general atmosphere of confusion, self-doubt, and frustration.

At once a cultural critique and a primer for teachers and parents, Guyland is the defining text on American guys through high school, college and beyond.

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