Monday, September 28, 2009

Who Turned Out the Lights?: An Irreverent, Informative, and Essential Guide to the Environmental Crisis

Who says that a book about the energy crisis can’t be informative, accessible and funny at the same time? Certainly not Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson. The authors who brought you Where Does the Money Go?: Your Guided Tour to the Financial Crisis team up once again to explain the basic facts and arguments surrounding the energy crisis.

From nuclear power to alternative forms of transportation to special interests in Washington, Who Turned Out the Lights? presents a clear, nonbiased look all the issues. In the end, the authors take one position: the country must move away from fossil fuels and there’s no more time to waste. Beyond that, they’ll leave how to get from here to there as an open question—one Americans need to understand and decide for themselves.

Just because the topic is serious, doesn’t mean discussing it has to be. With references to pop culture from South Park episodes to Rolling Stones songs, the authors break down the information into easily understandable facts and arguments without sacrificing the complexity of the issues. For a generation of students more accustomed to getting their news from “The Daily Show” than the The Wall Street Journal, this book can be incredibly helpful.

Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson are the executive editor and co-founder, respectively, of the nonprofit, nonpartisan website If you would like to consider Who Turned Out the Lights? for one of your classes, please order an examiniation copy
. If you have already decided to assign the book as required reading, please request a desk copy.

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