Thursday, September 10, 2009

Strategic Management for Turbulent Times

As volatility dethrones incumbent leaders, it also creates untold possibilities to create economic value. Turbulence has an upside, and students who know how to seize the opportunities arising out of seething markets will become tomorrow's champions.

Donald Sull, a professor of strategy and the faculty director of executive education at the London Business School, gives your students the tools they'll need to strategize in an ever-changing business environment.

Based on a decade of research, historical case studies, and intensive work with established enterprises and start-ups, Donald Sull’s The Upside of Turbulence draws lessons from companies that have consistently spotted and exploited opportunities that rivals have missed, lays out the fundamental logic of opportunity, and provides a series of practical steps to translate insight into action.

Individual chapters can be taught in conjunction with case studies on firms including Mittal Steel, Carnival Cruise Lines, Firestone Tire & Rubber, the Honda case series, and Brahma Brewing. Professor Sull is happy to share his teaching notes for using these cases in conjunction with the book so please let us know if you've assigned The Upside of Turbulence as required reading.

If you'd like to consider The Upside of Turbulence for one of your courses, please order an examination copy. If you've already decided to adopt the book, please request a desk copy.

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