Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Cartoon History of the Modern World, Part II: The Perfect Study Guide for Students of Modern Global History

The Cartoon History of the Modern World, Part II is a wickedly funny take on modern history—essentially a complete and up-to-date course in college level Modern World History, presented as a graphic novel. In an engaging and humorous graphic style, Larry Gonick puts his unique spin on the history, personalities, and big topics that have shaped our universe over the past five centuries, including the Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the evolution of political, social, economic, and scientific thought, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, the Cold War, and Globalization.

With content that is accurate and clearly presented, The Cartoon History of the Modern World, Part II makes for a great study guide, especially for those students who are visual learners.

“Like any good historian, Larry Gonick seasons his facts with a good dose of perspective, and like any good cartoonist, he mixes his drama with a good dose of humor.”—Jeffrey Brown, author of Clumsy and Funny Misshapen Body

“Gonick makes history fun for comic book nerds and comics readable for history nerds. If you’ve ever looked around this modern world and wondered how we got into this mess, it’s time to curl up with his latest book. You won’t even realize you’re learning—histo-tainment at its best.”—Alex Robinson, Eisner Award winner and author of Box Office Poison

If you would like to consider this book for one of your classes, please order an examination copy. If you have already assigned the book as required reading, please order a desk copy.

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