Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Online Social Networks

A few days ago, I noted the announcement of a shutdown for scheduled maintenance on our Twitter homepage. Next, I noted the barrage of protests: Not today! You'll shut out Iranians at a critical time.
Twitter rescheduled that scheduled maintenance. The next day, I overheard a conversation on the subway. The man seated next to me greeted a young man who got on at 145th Street, "Oh! How's your family in Tehran?" "They are fine. They had access to Twitter--and I heard from them throughout the day."
Today, The New York Times ran an article about online social networks and what's happening in Iran. And, Thomas Friedman weighed in with an op-ed.

All of this made me think of Joe Trippi's The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, the Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything. Trippi was one of the first campaign managers to use online social networks and the Internet in a political campaign. His book focuses on American politics--but the lessons of using online social media and the Internet are valid everywhere--as you can see from the entry he posted on his blog today.

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