Friday, June 12, 2009

Anne Frank's 80th Birthday

In his Don't Know Much blog, Kenneth C. Davis reminds us that today would have been Anne Frank's 80th birthday. Most of us can remember reading Anne's The Diary of a Young Girl--and it continues to be a beloved classic. In fact, few books have as influential--but--perhaps--it's time to take a closer look at Anne's life and work.

Francine Prose's Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife will publish in October. As she told us in Reading Like a Writer, Francine is an advocate of close reading--and she gives teachers and students a new way to look at The Diary of a Young Girl: Francine argues that the diary is as much a work of art as a historical record. It is a deliberate work of art. During her last months in hiding, Anne furiously revised and edited her work, crafting a piece of literature that she hoped would be published after the war.

I have five galleys of Anne Frank. If you'd like to receive one to review for your blog or to consider for adoption, please let me know via email.

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