Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Unique New Memoir

Memoirs make great books for an all-campus or Freshman read because often everyone can find a little of themselves in a good memoir, but it can also open up the door to experiences and culture very unlike our own. In Hanuman's Hands, a gritty, hauntingly beautiful memoir by Cheenie Rao, a unique, new voice from the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop, is no different.

In Hanuman’s Hands charts Rao’s mythic battle for rehabilitation from the perils of drugs, sex, and crime brought on by the freedoms and temptations of life on an elite American college campus. Desperate and alone, he is visited by Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god his mother evoked, and comes to realize that this unlikely guide may be his last resort. Bringing India whole heartedly into America, Rao weaves his own story of Western culture clash with mythic stories of his Hindu heritage.

Read more about new author, Cheeni Rao, here.

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