Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer Is Short: Read a Story.

I know you're well-read--but you have to admit that you've fallen behind on your quest to read the authors on those guilt-making what-to-read lists. You've been distracted by the lure of contemporary literature. You put down Crime and Punishment as soon as the new Michael Chabon hits the bookstores.

This summer, you can check a classic author off your list--and get a taste of a living, breathing, on-the-cusp-of-greatness author by diving into one of our classic shorts--all for the retro price of $10.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky's volume of short stories, A Disgraceful Affair, will introduce you to Barb Johnson with a short story from her forthcoming collection, More of This World or Maybe Another.

Melville's The Happy Failure dovetails nicely with a short story from Alex Burnett's My Goat Ate Its Own Legs: Tales for Adults.

The stories in Stephen Crane's An Experiment in Misery find a kindred spirit in a bonus story from Dennis Cooper's Ugly Man: Stories.

Willa Cather's The Bohemian Girl plays well with a story from Lydia Peelle's upcoming collection Reasons for and Advantages of Breathing (July 2009).

The stories in Leo Tolstoy's Family Happiness leads to a peek at Holly Goddard's forthcoming Girl Trouble: Stories (September 2009).

See? It's possible to have your classic and read a contemporary author, too.

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