Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Lifetime Journey to Becoming a Writer and Teacher: WRITING PLACES

Nobody has had a greater effect on writers, teachers, and editors in recent decades than William Zinsser, the author of the bestselling classic On Writing Well. In his new book, Writing Places, Zinsser describes more than 50 years of writing and teaching in a series of unusual locations, starting with his first job at the legendary New York Herald Tribune and including freelance stints in lonely apartments; a decade as master of Branford College at Yale, where his office was under a carillon; and various quirky offices in New York, one of which had a firepole. Each place taught him valuable lessons that shaped the influential writer and teacher he would become. Written with humor, elegance, and vividly remembered detail about the men and women who kept crossing his life, Writing Places will delight students who dream of writing their own distinctive story.

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