Monday, May 11, 2009

An Amazing, Inspirational Memoir: IN THE SANCTUARY OF OUTCASTS

In the Sanctuary of Outcasts is the incredibly emotional true story of crime, redemption, vanity, and ultimately, spirituality. Neil White was an ordinary guy who measured worth by appearance:  expensive cars, nice homes, fashionable clothing. Generous with his heart and with his bank account, his exquisite tastes exceeded his income and soon he was kiting checks. Eventually, White was caught, convicted of fraud, and sent to prison, but he was not sentenced to an ordinary lockup. For the man whom appearance was supreme was going to serve out his sentence in the last leper colony in the continental United States--known today as The Long Center, located in southeastern Louisiana on a short spit of land where the Mississippi River runs north.

It was here, in this unlikely place rich in history that goes back more than 150 years, among an unlikely mix of white-collar criminals and leprosy patients, that White gained perspective and discovered what is truly important in life. 

Watch this powerfully moving video featuring Neil White explaining his complex backstory and how he came to write In the Sanctuary of Outcasts:

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