Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today's the deadline: Your tax return must be filed. After you've paid your share--it's natural to ask: Where does the money go?

The editors of the award-winning nonpartisan website Public Agenda Online have the answer. In Where Does the Money Go?: Your Guide to the Federal Budget Crisis, they provide a candid look at the federal budget crisis that breaks down into plain English exactly what the fat cats in Washington are arguing about and how our tax dollars are spent.

For students of public administration and policy--and the rest of us--Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson decipher the jargon of the country's budget problem--covering everything from the country's $9 trillion and growing debt to the fact that, for thirty-one out of the last thirty-five years, the country has spent more on government programs and services than it has collected in taxes. They also explore why elected leaders on every side of the fence have so far failed to effectively address this issue and explains what you can do to protect your future.

Here are Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson talking to Bill Moyers about our national debt.

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