Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Harper Perennial Original: RIGHT OF THIRST: A NOVEL

Shattered by his wife's death, and his own role in it, successful cardiologist Charles Anderson volunteers to assist with earthquake relief in an impoverished Islamic country in a constant state of conflict with its neighbor. But when the refugees he has been promised do not appear and artillery begins to fall in the distance along the border, the story takes an unexpected turn.

Rendered in spare yet elegant prose, Right of Thirst offers an intensely personal and timely exploration of the many forces that have given rise to the dramatic events of recent years--the tension between poverty and wealth, the ethics of intervention in all its forms, and the uneasy marriage of deep cultural differences and essential human similarities that both divide and unite the world.

The video below features author Frank Huyler speaking about his novel, Right of Thirst. Interesting facts about Huyler:  he works as an emergency physician in Albuquerque, New Mexico and he grew up in Iran, Brazil, and Japan.

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