Friday, April 10, 2009

Flutter vs. Twitter: You Decide

Earlier today with much anxiety, I clicked on the "Edit HTML" button on this website. Why? I wanted to add a "Tweet This" button to our blog pages. Why again? It seemed important because my little academic marketing department uses Twitter to connect to teachers and professors: Getting a Retweet is a gold star that tells us we've said something of value. Plus, every other blog I follow has this widget so it was a matter of pride.

Keep in mind that I started working before fax machines. (Yes, I have vivid memories of a time when telex machine operators were in demand.) So, imagine my joy when I made "Tweet This"  appear at the bottom of our blog pages in a Blogger-hosted blog--not a Typepad or WordPress blog where my research tells me it's easy as pie. It's not as pretty as I would like--but I did it!
Now--only a few hours after my small techie triumph--I realize that I am behind the curve--as usual. Isn't a 140-character message excessive? Aren't  26 characters enough to say what you have to say? Will microblogging be replaced by nanoblogging? Will I be adding a "Flutter This" widget to our site next week?
Watch this video--and decide for yourself. (No matter which way you go, I'd appreciate an RT; see widget below!).


  1. I was amused, but only mildly.

  2. Well, that's what I was shooting for--mildly amusing.

  3. Flutter isn't a joke! Its here! Apple is working on a nano blogging site that is in the soft launch stage. It's call Build your flock and start flapping!