Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Advocating for Children in the Foster Care System

As many of your students aspire to do--Andrew Bridge, former CEO/General Counsel of The Alliance for Children's Rights, has spent his adult life as a dedicated and vocal advocate for children living in poverty and in the foster care system.

For your students who want to work with children, Andrew's memoir, Hope's Boy, provides a perspective that comes from inside the foster care system: He was removed from the care of his loving--but mentally ill--mother Hope when he was only seven years old. He spent the next eleven years in foster care--spending time in a notoriously bad children's facility and in a loveless foster family that never accepted or nurtured him. He never stopped longing for his mother. Andrew turned to academics and the kindness of teachers. Although only 2% of foster children go to college, Andrew earned a scholarship to Wesleyan, went on to Harvard Law School, and became a Fulbright Scholar.

As your students gain more experience, they will learn that Andrew's childhood in the foster care system was not unusual. However, Andrew's resilience--his ability to transcend his own circumstances and his focus on helping others--is exceptional--proving that he will always be--in all ways--Hope's boy.

"A must for students and professionals in the child welfare field."--Duncan Lindsey, Professor at UCLA, Editor-in-Chief, Children and Youth Services Review

If you would like to consider Hope's Boy for one of your courses, please order an examination copy. If you've already decided to adopt Hope's Boy, please use our desk copy form.

You and your students can meet Andrew in this video interview.

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