Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Woman Behind the Bard of Avon: "Shakespeare's Wife" by Germaine Greer

Little is known about Ann Hathaway, the wife of England's greatest playwright, William Shakespeare. A great deal has been assumed however, none of it complimentary. Writer, academic, critic, and legendary feminist Germaine Greer boldly breaks new ground in Shakespeare's Wife, reclaiming this much maligned figure from generations of scholarly neglect and misogyny. With deep insight and intelligence, Greer offers daring and thoughtful new theories about the farmer's daughter who married Britain's immortal Bard, painting a vivid portrait of a truly remarkable woman.

"Partly scholarly, partly speculative, consistently lively. . . . It's invigorating to read [Greer's] fierce rebuttals of the most august Shakespearean scholars."--Washington Post Book World

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