Wednesday, March 18, 2009


True or false? Milton was blind when he wrote Paradise Lost?

As a former English major, I should know, but I don't. As usual, Kenneth C. Davis, author of the Don't Know Much About series, tells me something I should know: "True. Each day, Milton dictated lines of verse to his daughters, who wrote them down."

Ken's book Don't Know Much About Literature won't be available until August 2009, but I have a small box of galleys to giveaway now.

Let me know if you'd like a preview copy. Hurry! My supply is limited.


  1. Actually, Milton probably began composing PL in the early 1640s, a few years before his sight began to fail. True, his sight did fail long before he completed the work, and true, it was completed in his blindness and revised in his blindness. But he wasn't blind the whole time (it was first published in 1667, nearly 30 years after he first began working on it) and didn't dictate the whole thing to his daughters.