Friday, February 20, 2009

Are you LOST?

I am one of the many fans of the show Lost. If you're also a fan you'll know that much of the show's intrigue is due to its allusions to literature, philosophy, and even the bible among other things. Included among these influences is C.S. Lewis' fantasy series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Lost producers have often said that they use Lewis' mythical world as a creative influence for their own fantastical island (one example: one of the characters on the show is named Charlotte Staples Lewis, or, C.S. Lewis).

Those fans who are familiar both with the Narnia books, and with the evolution of the show will notice many similarities, including the most recent— the return of some of the 'Losties' to the Island is very similar to the return of the four Pevensie siblings to Narnia in Lewis' Prince Caspian. This week's episode was entitled "316" which was the flight number of the plane taking the 'Losties' back to their mysterious island (the coordinates of which were discovered at a lab station called the 'Lampost'... seeing more similarities?). While some speculate that "316" may allude to a passage in the bible, it should also be noted that in HarperCollins' unabridged compendium of all 7 Narnia books, page 316 also happens to be the dedication page to Prince Caspian. Go look for yourself.

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