Thursday, December 4, 2008

Author Event: Francine Prose at NCTE

Francine Prose, the author of the classroom favorite Reading Like A Writer and the recently published Goldengrove, spoke at the Secondary Get-Together at the National Council of Teachers of English conference that was held last month in San Antonio. Over 400 high school English teachers attended the event, which featured the teachers participating in a class assignment based on Francine's books. The teachers were completely captivated with Francine, who is a Visiting Professor of Literature at Bard College, and a spirited question and answer session followed her talk about the process of writing. File this tidbit under "writing a book is very hard work and not for the easily stressed": Francine revealed that Goldengrove went through 13 drafts which she revised ten times each. That's 130 revisions!

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