Thursday, October 2, 2008

Russia. Romance. Tolstoy. It's Time to Read "War and Peace"

A grand, romantic saga of two noble Russian families and a multitude of lives swept up in the violent tumult of the Napoleonic Wars, Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace is considered one of the preeminent literary works of all time. Tolstoy completed this novel in 1866, but it was not until years later--after the author had doubled the book's length with philosophical and historical meditations--that the great novel was published. More than half a century in the making, the result of extraordinary dedication and painstaking research, here is Tolstoy's original version of the timeless classic, which never made it into print in the author's lifetime.
Translated by Andrew Bromfield and available for the first time in English, your students can now enjoy War and Peace as Tolstoy originally intended--with its subtly different characters, dialogue, and ending--and experience the breathtaking masterpiece that has inspired love and devotion for generations.

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