Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Best American Science Writing 2008

Even students who have no trouble grasping String Theory struggle when it comes to writing clearly and accurately about their own ideas and research.

The Best American Science Writing 2008--the ninth edition of the revered annual series—lets students learn from the best, most crucial, thought-provoking, and engaging science writing of the year.

Edited by Sylvia Nasar, this edition includes works by Benedict Carey, Daniel Carlat, Thomas Goetz, Al Gore, Jerome Groopman, Stephan S. Hall, Amy Harmon, Gardiner Harris, Joseph Kahn, and Ben McGrath, Jim Yardley, Carl Zimmer, and others.

Here is Jim Yardley, contributor of "Beneath Booming Cities, China's Future Is Drying Up," speaking at UC Berkeley's China Initiative about China's environment.

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